Aster V7

share your PC for a multiple workplaces - 1 Pc = 2x ... 6x ... up to 12 users / players - play Games with Steam, Origin etc or do work, internet.

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Aster V7
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The software will work without any limitations for 30 days, after which you will have to buy and activate it.

is a program (and only a program!), which allows many users to work with one computer independently as if each of them had their own PC.

is a shared computer access software solution and does not use thin clients or terminal stations.

is being successfully used for computer classes, libraries, accounting departments, offices, and Internet cafes.

To set up each workplace, you just need to connect another monitor, keyboard and mouse to an available port.


2 Users / Players

Home Office
Only have one office PC and always waiting for your turn?

You have a powerful gaming rig but your roommate only has an old laptop and wants to game with you.

Two kids and only one PC? tired or them fighting over it? homework, gaming, internet, movies. no problem.

why take turns when you could be playing at the same time at the same PC

surf the web in one room while someone else in the other room is watching an HD movie

Have a file server that runs 24/7 why not get extra use out of it and turn it into a HTPC as well.

Then Simply Simply add a second monitor, keyboard, mouse and Aster. Or Steam Link or Raspberry Pi
You now have two office PCs

up to 6 Users / Players

Gaming (up to 6 Players at the same time)

Small Business

Class Room

Whole Home Solution

up to 12 Users / Players

Gaming (up to 12 Players at the same time)

Medium, large Business

Internet Cafe

Whole Home Solution


Steam Account Manager

We built in a Steam Account Manager to GamePyro.
You can easy login to other Accounts you have at Steam.
Very Secure because GamePyro not save Passwords it uses the saved Hash that Steam creates at Login.

Game Library

GamePyro has a Game Library like Steam.
You can easily add Games, manage your Library, Change Languges etc.
remove Games, uninstall Games and many more.

Get Steam Trading Cards was never so easy!

Get your Steam Trading Cards the easy way, with GamePyro. GamePyro is the easy and effective way to unlock all of your available Steam Trading Cards – even from games you don’t have installed! GamePyro will simulate you being “in-game” on Steam for each game in your library with available Trading Card drops, and will automatically move from game to game when each is finished. GamePyro is easy to install and easy to configure.

Easy to use

Turn your PC easy in a Multiseat Gaming Station for your Home.


Windows 10 or Windows 8.1
Aster V7
Steam Link or Raspberry Pi,
or Display(Monitor) and USB
Home Network (Cable or WLAN 5Ghz) or
install new cables if you can with HDMI and USB to the places where you need it

HDMI and USB or Steam Link / Raspberry Pi

You can use a Display(HDMI, DVI, VGA etc) and USB.

Better and easier if you can’t install new cables in at your home, use your existing Home Network with Steam Link or Raspberry Pi (NVIDIA Game Streaming)

Access Everywhere

You can Play Games, do work, watch movies, use internet etc. everywhere at your home where you have a TV, Display(Monitor) with Steam Link or Raspberry Pi.

Living RoomTV and Steam Link = Playing Games or watch Movies
Bedroom – TV and Steam Link = Playing Games or watch Movies
OfficeDisplay(Monitor) and PC or better with Steam Link or Raspberry Pi

You not need Steam Machines or PC anywhere you want play Games, watch movie etc. you now only need 1 PC at your Home for all things.

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